FS folders

Menu: FS\tpa\preset\system\menu

Frames: FS\tpa\preset\system\multimedia\pe

Flash menus: FS\tpa\preset\system\desktop\flash

Walkman skins: FS\tpa\system\multimedia\mp

Startup/Shutdown image: FS\tpa\preset\system\settings

Custom: FS\tpa\preset\custom

Display driver: FS\ifs\settings\display

Camera driver: FS\ifs\settings\camera

Acoustics: FS\ifs\settings\acoustic

Java (APP + GAME): FS\tpa\preset\system\ams


19 Responses to “FS folders”

  1. How to install Flash Theme in A2 devices « Rhtz’s Blog Says:

    […] if you also want to upload camera drivers or something else, look HERE to see in which FS folders they […]

  2. Fares Says:

    are there any ways to change the startup sound for k850i?

  3. wrox Says:

    Yes 🙂

    Go to:

  4. entut kebo indonesia... Says:

    can i put 2 flash menu??? thanks… nice job…

    • Wrox Says:


  5. nikola Says:

    where put battery and statusbar icons?

    • Wrox Says:

      You patch them, you doesn’t upload them.

  6. dhaval Says:


    i m so thank ful to u cause i am searching this from last 4 mnths.

    i just want to know that, is there any file for louder the sound in rings and walkman in w910i.

    if yes, so please provide me that file,

    it will be great for me..

    thx a lot again.

    you can inform me on my mail also.

    • Wrox Says:

      Yes, it’s called acoustics.

      Search for it 🙂

  7. FreQ Says:

    Where do the shutter sounds go? could you please post that file dir. thanks

    • Wrox Says:

      @ FreQ


  8. Wan Says:

    Can i upgrade my video quality in phone because the camera mode was fine but the vid does not satisfied me..and i using W880I

  9. afdhak Says:

    what mean hold c ???
    help me wrox !!!

    • Wrox Says:

      Hold the button ‘C’ on your phone, then insert the cable to your phone when you are connecting to XS++/A2 Uploader etcetera.

  10. afdhak Says:

    hey wrox ,, can you explain more about hold c ???
    is that button c
    sory ,, i do`n know

    • Wrox Says:

      Yes, the button ‘C’.

  11. bede Says:

    can you give way to hold c ???
    please !!!

  12. joe Says:

    HOw i can change the menu icon.. i dont want use the flash theme.. so boring.. i want to make one.. i have all the icon file n the menu.ml file.. where should i put it n what to do?

  13. norin Says:

    hold the C button and connect the cable and then release the C button a few second later. No one has told how this should be done and I have to hold the C for 1 min

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