Crossflashing list


K310 – W200

K320 – W200

K510 – W200

K530 – W660

K550 – W610

K600 – K608

K610 – W660

K618 – W660

K/D750 – W800

K800 – K810


S500 – W580


V600 – K600

V600 – K608

V630 – W660

V640 – K630


W700 – W800, K/D750 (camera does not work)


M600 – W950


5 Responses to “Crossflashing list”

  1. asad Says:

    hey is it possible to flash k810>w850

    • Wrox Says:

      Yes, but your keyboard/joystick wont function.

  2. asad Says:

    ok fine

  3. Subrata Says:

    So, you suggested to Flash P1 with W960.

    How is this possible buddy ?

    P1 comes with memory stick slot. and W960 comes with Built in Hard disk 🙂

    I ve compared both phones

    take a look 🙂

    • Wrox Says:

      Thanks, this has now been corrected! 🙂

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