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To all SiteAdvisor users!

July 23, 2009

Okay, all SiteAdvisor users, listen to me…

My websites/downloads does not in any way contain malware, viruses or is absolutely NOT promoted through “spammy email” as McAfee’s tests says for GuGlam.
I’ve sent GuGlam for a re-test, as I know that it isn’t promoted through spammy email.

GuGlam – 100% safe. It’s just the fact that SiteAdvisor fails – Many times.
DropBox – Also safe, but as it is a filehosting service I don’t have any clue about what others upload, so that warning is not related to the safe downloads I upload.


Welcome to!

October 30, 2008

You can find alot of stuff here, for almost all DB2020 and many A2 (DB3150/DB3210) phones. Software, tutorials, useful links and some collected lists.

Please note that every list may not be up to date.

Enjoy your stay and have fun!