To all SiteAdvisor users!

Okay, all SiteAdvisor users, listen to me…

My websites/downloads does not in any way contain malware, viruses or is absolutely NOT promoted through “spammy email” as McAfee’s tests says for GuGlam.
I’ve sent GuGlam for a re-test, as I know that it isn’t promoted through spammy email.

GuGlam – 100% safe. It’s just the fact that SiteAdvisor fails – Many times.
DropBox – Also safe, but as it is a filehosting service I don’t have any clue about what others upload, so that warning is not related to the safe downloads I upload.


2 Responses to “To all SiteAdvisor users!”

  1. theinsomnianiac Says:

    SiteAdvisor annoys me – any time they come across a site that shares information &/or files that relate to modding or reverse engineering (or anything interesting at all) they flag it as dangerous!

    It is a ridiculous & blatant effort to put people off trying to find out how to do things for themselves rather than pay the major companies.

    Like when they try to convince people that downloading a film is evil & that, if we even think about doing it, we will turn into vicious, gun-toting, drug barons who kill small children & puppies just for laughs.

    Pfft, that’s all I can say to them! (well, without swearing anyway 🙂 )

    Lastly then, I wanted to say thanks to you Wrox for this excellent blog & all your good work in the forums – it’s people like you that restore my faith in human nature.

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