SETool2 Lite


SETool2 Lite

– FileDEN*
– 4Shared
– Hotlink Files*
– MediaFire
– RapidShare

* = Hotlinked mirror


16 Responses to “SETool2 Lite”

  1. phanthi Says:

    thank you for this!i will try it on.

  2. AldoVl Says:


  3. ziera Says:

    Can i know,is this tool work with the k850i…???

  4. Ronnysofyan Says:


  5. Omar Says:

    I have a c902 how i put patches can someone help me please

  6. shira Says:

    can you get your mobile debranded in a shop or do u have to do it manually?? my phone (se w910i) wont let me change my themes…. sum1 help PLEASEE

    • Wrox Says:

      Doing it in a shop will cost you alot of money, but they wont (most likely) make any mistakes and break your phone.

      You can also do it manually (for free), but you lose your warranty. Use A2 Uploader V3 to flash your W910 (searching for guides will also be good to do).

  7. gryphon14 Says:

    Wrox, could you explain to me what are actually flashing, formatting and debranding..?? I do really wanna know them briefly..thank wrox!

    • Wrox Says:

      Flashing = You ‘flash’ new software to your phone, and everything on the phone will be removed unless you only flash a MAIN. The FS also depends on which language you want. If you want American, you have to choose the FS AMERICA_1(/AMERICA). If you want Swedish you have to choose EUROPE_4(/NORDIC).
      Formatting = Well, that’s just formatting your memory stick, so everything on the memory stick is removed.
      Debranding = You ‘flash’ GENERIC firmware to your phone. Everything that the brand (for example Vodafone) uploaded to the phone (like Vodafone Live!, icons, etcetera) and their firmware will be removed and the phone will look like it normally would. Some brands even change the keys on phones.

      Do you have more questions? Just ask! 🙂



  9. manni Says:

    Hej hej,

    min svenska är mycket dålig… therefore let’s continue in english 😉
    Seen that you are familiar with unlocking stuff, wanted to ask you kindly for help.
    I’ve tried to unlock my SE C510 with Aerix, the first steps work fine but at a certain point there is always an error (when sending stuff to the server).
    Do you have any idea how to unlock my mobile?
    Would appreciate your help very much as I’ve already been reading for hours about this topic…
    Thanks a lot in advance,
    regards Manfred

  10. jom Says:

    is this available on my t650i phone?

  11. MrQueen7-Saeed Says:

    Thank u a lot….

  12. shravan Says:

    hi ,
    i bought a new satio
    i got it unlocked .
    it is from 3 Network .
    the problem is if i change my stand by theme then it is not loading completely the stand by menu becomes blank with empty spaces.
    i want to update the new firmware i just want to know if i have to get it unlocked again after updating firmware, becoz its costs me to get my phone unlocked.
    and also can you tell me if i can remove that 3 operator logo showing at the start up of the phone.

    if possible tell me how to unlock my phone without any damage.
    i am a newbie so tell me in deailed.

  13. luifranz Says:

    i like it

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